Our Teachers

Our Teachers

ICHK HLY is a community in which all teachers think of themselves as leaders of learning.

Through pooling and drawing on our strengths and expertise, we create the conditions for a professional learning community, and meet the challenges of modelling learning and leading for our students.

The Council of International Schools says: “The school offers unique educational experiences in a warm and caring community with a focus on developing confident young people with inquiring minds.”

The school embraces innovation in educational practice, and its staff are encouraged to explore opportunities beyond usual school practices.”

Our teachers work in partnership to create the best environment for learning, and create both the time and opportunities for students to experience a diverse range of activities and ideas.

They value and foster excitement, they challenge, guide and support, they believe in the power of a Growth Mindset and Positive Psychology.

At ICHK HLY, our educators strive to be the best possible teachers, helping to establish and maintain an environment where all students thrive.

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